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SkyCab Admission

Ride on Standard Gondola.Complimentary entrance to SkyDome, SkyRex and 3D Art Langkawi

Combo Machinchang Petland

These packages are inclusive of SkyCab, SkyDome, SkyRex, 3D Art Langkawi, and Machinchang Petland.
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SkyCab Special Gondola Package

360° Gondola

360° Gondola is the latest product of Langkawi SkyCab which will give you a different experience. With its open-air design gondola, it brings out the excitement and you will enjoy the Machinchang Mountain breezy surrounding and the beautiful scenery of Langkawi on your way up to the top of the mountain.

Private Gondola

You want privacy and we understand it. Get your private ticket and the whole ride is yours. You can enjoy the mesmerizing scenery with your loved one with privacy.

VIP Gondola

Your privacy is our priority. You can try our luxurious product for your privacy which is the VIP Gondola and it will give full satisfaction to you. You will also be served with food and drinks. Enjoy your ride with a soothing melodies along your journey.

Glass Bottom Gondola

Enjoy ride with natural life with Bottom Glass Gondola If you are an extreme person and looking for adventurous experience, bottom glass gondola is your answer. Try it and conquer your fear of height. You will have a dazzling view of the forest and the mountain right underneath your feet. As the bottom of the gondola is transparent, you will have a clear view of the nature below.